Small Pet Boarding

Small Pet Animal Boarding
Rates Per Day

2nd Animal
Same Cage

Rabbits £3.30 £2.30
Guinea Pigs £3.30 £2.30
Ferrets £3.30 £2.30
Chinchillas £2.80 £1.80
*Hamsters £2.30 £1.30
*Gerbils £2.30 £1.30
*Rats £2.30 £1.30
*Budgies £2.30 £1.30
*Canaries £2.30 £1.30
*Finches £2.30 £1.30
*Parrots £3.30 £2.30
*Love Birds £2.60 £1.80
*Cockatiels £2.60 £1.80
Reptiles £4.50 £3.50
Any Animals Boarding With Us Will Need To Be Brought In A Suitable Pet Carrier.
*Needs to be in their own cage supplied by you.
 We care for most small pets, from rabbits to gerbils, guinea pigs to ferrets and reptiles. (sorry no cats or dogs.)

At Wagtail Pet Supplies Small Pet Animal Boarding we care for your pet 365 days a year, giving you the complete freedom to get away from it all whenever you want. Our purpose built facilities provide safe and secure housing for your small animal. In the winter we have the room heated and in the summer we have air conditioning to make sure your pet is comfortable. Hamster, gerbils, mice and reptile are kept in our house.
We make that extra effort for your loved one and look after them as if they were one of our own.

For availability and information give us a call.....0141 775 0501
Drop off or collection:
Monday - Friday:

9.00am or 5.00pm
Saturday: 9.00am or 4.45pm
Closed Sunday


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